quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Banzai #3

The magazine Banzai is back!!!
This new 3rd edition of the Banzai magazine is full of new talents and susprises for those who love manga.

In this edition you can find:
-TMG 5 (Joana Rosa Fernandes)
-Miau Miau 2 (Natalia Batista)
-Kuroneko (Cristina Days)
O Mundo de Joana Presunto (Shuang Wu)
Zphyr 2 (Manuela Cardoso)

... and as always we have our lessons on "how to draw Manga".

So, yeah, feel free to check it out and give us your opinion : )
 Share it with your friends and help us to show the nacional art and potencial.

We want to thank those who always did support this project.

The Banzai Magazine is available at:
  FNAC; El Corte Inglés; Livraria Bulhosa Entrecampos;  Livraria Leya Barata (Lisboa);  Loja do Museu do Oriente;  Casa da BD; Castella do Paulo

Or you can send us an e-mail for: 

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