quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

Artistas Elevado a 4

Came and take a look to my new blogpage! ^____^
Hope you  like it!

Made by 3 friends and me. All with a diferent talent and passion.

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  1. Hello,How are you?This is so beautiful,again♥!

  2. Kata: I'm fine thanks! ^___^ Thank you for all your support! Really apreciated!

  3. Hey! Nice blog, wonderful draws! ^-^
    I love manga & anime! (But especially robots! XD)
    And your draws are!
    Thank you very much for following my stupid blog!
    I really appreciate that!
    Please come again on my blog! Leave me some comments whenever you want, ok?
    (Sorry for my embarrassing and ungrammar language, but I not speak english! T-T)
    See ya!

  4. Laura S.: Thank you so much for follow and coment!^___^ Really apreciated!
    You welcome! ^___^ And your blog is not syupid, I really like your work! And I will return, yes!^^
    Leave me some coments too, whenever you want! ^^

    P.S. Your english is great! Better then mine! ^^' I don't speak english too!

    Kurly kisses! ^^

  5. A question:
    I would link your blog, but I can't!
    It says that the address is non-existent or wrong...
    Why?!(I tried with copy-paste, but...)
    Damn! XO

  6. Laura S: Hum... that's weird!
    I don't know why that is happenig.
    hum... did you try to link the blog of the imagem, or this one?
    Well, I will let the links in here, for you, to try again, ok? ^___^
    There you go

  7. Claudio Cerri: Thank so much you! ^___^
    Glad you like it!

    Kurly kisses

  8. Hm...
    The second link is ok, but the first...Nothing! I don't if it were non-existent ... o_O
    Oh, well...I'll take the second.
    Thank you!
    See ya!

  9. hum... that really is strange!
    But thank you at the same! ^____^ Really apreciated!
    Probably I will link your blog too!

    You welcome!